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convo from last (friday) night...i should head a nudist revolution. i can see alex and i and our dumb cherub asses running around with picketing signs...hahaha

Me (11:48:54 PM): Cos that's about it. I'm just sitting here like the lazy bitch I am. Only...half naked and kinda cold.
fiiish (11:49:02 PM): haha
fiiish (11:49:05 PM): then put clothes on
Me (11:49:13 PM): Nevah!
fiiish (11:49:18 PM): HAHA
Me (11:49:23 PM): It sucks cos I shiver a lil' extra when I laugh. haha
Me (11:49:33 PM): I'll be the first nudist revolutionary.
fiiish (11:49:43 PM): haha
Me (11:49:47 PM): Walking around burning clothes.
Me (11:49:56 PM): I can see it now.
fiiish (11:50:06 PM): lol that'd be something to remember
Me (11:51:15 PM): Me and my naked self goin' down in history. Open up the encylcopedia, kiddies, and you'll see me in my younger years. Things don't look nearly as good as that, sir.

[x]EDIT @ 4:58am on 12/28/03:
convo from christmas morning between nikki and i:

Me (12:12:11 AM): And now that it's past Midnight, Merry Christmas.
Nikki (12:12:24 AM): haha YOU TOO!
Me (12:15:50 AM): Ah, what a way to spend Christmas. Downloading porn.
Nikki (12:15:58 AM): hahaha
Nikki (12:16:00 AM): rock on
Me (12:16:38 AM): Woo! Merry Christmas to me! :-D
Nikki (12:16:58 AM): hahaha
Nikki (12:17:09 AM): hmm i wonder if youre on santas naughty or nice list?
Me (12:17:44 AM): Ha, fuck that. I'm the TITLE on the naughty list.
Nikki (12:18:20 AM): omg hahaha

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