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this week:

saw larry on thursday. hmph. still have $200 on the way.

i skipped school on friday--under my mom's consent, however. picked up the yard, went to the beach, then went shopping--i got 2 new lip balms and 2 body sprays from bath and body works, 2 diesel shirts from burdines, a black/grey baseball tee from the gap, GQ mag, and my britney calendar. i think i got more, but i can't really recall.

i was late getting to the library hour late. nicole, alex(andra), allison, and i only fucked around anyway. didn't get much work done. i've got to make calls early next week to find out how much it would cost to build the house, how much the mortgage will cost, and all that other shit. presentation's on wednesday.

alex and chris got their cellys today too...which is gonna make it so much easier to get a hold of the both of them. :) now we just need to get them both CARS! haha

anyway, i'm gonna go...we're prolly gonna go to las olas before chris has to go to work. l8er ya'll!


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