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yesterday at the end of second block, mrs. saleem said that she was going to give me a chance to explain myself before she had to explain my situation to my mom... which prompted me to get my goddamned act together. so for the past 2 days, i've been reading my book every chance i get and totally focusing on my schoolwork. well, sort of. tonight on my list of things to do (that most likely won't get done):

-geometry homework (32 problems)
-geometry project work
*call contractor
*call and get information on mortgage
-biology project (make powerpoint--presenting tomorrow)
-read the hot zone and do the AR quiz for it tomorrow morning--along with the of mice and men AR quiz
-apply at mcdonald's (ew)
-pick up the yard and take out the trash for the laundry rooms

i've done the yard and i will definitely be applying at mcdonald's tonight...i'm in the process of doing my biology work, i'm half done with the geometry work--atleast for the project, and i'm reading the hot zone every chance i get.

in other news:
erica's got a cell phone now, so we'll prolly be hangin' out a lot more often.

carol called me today to tell me that she and kamila are going to brasil for spring break, kamila's taking crystal, and she wants to take i've gotta come up with roughly $600 by the end of march and hopefully harold will match whatever i raise. saving for this means: cutting down on my shopping (actually, my spending--period.) and sweet talking my parentals.

i think that's about it for now...atleast it is if i plan on getting any of that goddamned powerpoint done tonight!

l8er ya'll!

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