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lalala hehehehe!

saturday, i went to the beach...after chris had gone to work, alex and i headed for the terminal because he had to work. so we get there and he'd just missed a bus...he calls in to say he's gonna be late and they tell him they'll just see him tomorrow. carol calls and wants to go to the movies and we try figuring something out and alex ends up going home and i went and got on the 60 and took it to cypress creek rd. y andrews ave. she tells me the movie won't be starting for another 2 hours, so i start walking to a bus stop in hopes of taking the bus to her house and then going with her and kamila to the theater. ha. i walked from andrews to powerline and then 17 more blocks west of powerline. it baaasically sucked. i started walking back around 8:45 and hunter called and was like, "where are you? i'll pick you up." and he picked me up at powerline...which was helpful, but kind of pointless since i was ALMOST back to andrews anyways. we (carol, hunter, kamila, and i) saw along came polly and hunter took me home afterwards.

sunday, i went to the beach. it sucked. ended up going back to steven's around 2ish. we watched tv for a while and then passed out and he woke me up around 5:20 and asked what time i had to catch the bus and at the same time, jerry imed me so i asked him if he wanted to hang out and he came and picked me up. we went to starbuck's, got coffee (tea, in his case) and talked for a while and then he was like, "let's get outta here" and we ended up at the park across from my house--the 5 mile course--and we walked the whole damn thing. my mom called when we were at like, 4 3/4 miles and was like, "WHERE ARE YOU?" (lol) so i said i'd be home around 9:45. we got back to the car, rest our legs for a couple of minutes, and then we went to wendy's (cos that's all he'll and then he took me back home. i consciously avoided giving him a hug/kiss on the cheek as i got out of the car cos i didn't know how that'd fly with him or whatever...

then yesterday, i woke up and cleaned the apartment at the next building. did some stuff there, and finally left for the beach at 3pm! >_< so i got there around 3:45, chris left for work soon after, and alex and i left around 5:30ish. we stopped at beachplace to see chris and then caught the 40. he was late for work. again. and i took the 11 (westbound) to go see jerry. we walked around, stopped in the army navy store and ended up going to wendy's and then walmart lol...and daaamn! that boi has soo many stories!! haha.. so we walked back to his house, he drove off in his car all stealth like and drove me home. this time, i didn't hold back and just gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and he kinda looked at me with a small smile on his face. i looked at him like, "what?" and he didn't really say anything...i was like, "later." and got outta the car, shut the door and started walking up to the building. then i hear snapping. i turn around and boi's got his hand outta his window and he's snapping hella loud. i turn around, set my bag down, and walk up to his car and i'm like, "yes?" and he looks up at me, grins, and then messes around with his radio and goes, "i'm out" and leaves. i thought about it on my way upstairs and it just kinda confused me. but i was still all smiles. :) he later explained that he wanted to kiss me when he'd called me back over, but he got nervous and was buggin' cos he didn't know how i'd react to it or somethin'. aw. =) damnit!!

i gotta get my shit together for school though, so l8er ya'll!!


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