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Looong ass update; Change in style.

So I'm definitely going to Brasil for Spring Break. And I'm definitely happy about that. :) For anyone that's curious...I'm going to Fortaleza.

In other news: an update on other situations...
I think I passed my English exam. It was 30 questions on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 15 multiple choice questions, 15 essay questions. Which was, as you can imagine, pretty easy. I omitted 4 essay questions cos I simply didn't know the answer and wasn't about to just dream something up, write it down, and look like a fool. So I most likely passed my English exam. My Biology exam wasn't that bad either. I omitted 7 essay questions...but it was a hella long test, so I don't think it'll count against me too awfully much. My Geometry exam, on the other hand, was not as easy. She even put shit on there I don't ever recall her ever having taught us. Like included angles. What the fuck are those? Eh. My exam in Business Systems & Tech was easy...but I didn't study the review of Microsoft Access, so I probably bombed that part of it. So I'm looking at grade card similar to this (hopefully; as these are only my grades in the class...which could drop drastically with some of these exam scores...):

Business Systems & Tech: B
English 2: C+
Geometry Honors: B+
Biology Honors: B

Looks so horrible compared to last term. :sigh: I hope my GPA doesn't drop too much on account of my slacking. If ya'll recall, it was a 2.625 at the end of last year and after much hard work during the first quarter, I managed to bring it up to a 3.175. We'll see, I guess. I can't slack anymore! Scholarships, scholarships, SCHOLARSHIPS!

My new schedule, starting Monday, looks like this:

World History Honors-Block 1
Comprehensive Law-Block 2
Psychology 1-Block 3
Civics-Block 4

I don't know which lunch period I have yet but I better have it with lots of my friends. Otherwise, I will be pissed.

I talked to Brandon tonight. I saw him at Broward Mall at the end of December on New Year's Eve, actually. I've been looking at his number in my phone for quite some time now like, "Brandon? Who the...?" and today it clicked. So I called him and we caught up on stuff. He seems to be doing quite well. Erm...I gotta call him back tomorrow cos my mom started yelling at me for me to get off of the phone. Bitch.

Oh, and about Jerry: he came over Tuesday (I also got my right hand smashed between 2 doors on Tuesday, btw) and we chilled for about 3 or 4 hours. And for all of you that are under the impression that I'm a huge slut (cos so far, that's all I really have been...)...we did nothing but make out. Briefly. Oh, and I gave him a backrub. :) He made it clear later that night when we spoke that he's not looking for anything really serious or anything since he's leaving for bootcamp soon, but since he didn't really rule it out...I've still got my hopes up. Not too high, though. Whatever happens; c'est la vie, eh?

I have my 4 hour traffic law & drug abuse course tomorrow--which I have to have, according to Florida Law, in order to get my "Learner's License". :shrug: So I'm getting up at 8am to sit in another class--on a Saturday--with a bunch of dumbfounded idiots to learn the "laws of the road". Yippee. And FYI: I'm getting my permit on Tuesday morning. Stay off of the road anytime after the afternoon of Tuesday, January 27, 2004. It's for your own good. :-D

I've been debating back and forth whether or not I'm going to cut my hair. I want it to just magically become shoulder length overnight or something. >_< I was gonna get it cut Thursday after school and the barber was closed. Then I was going to go and get it cut today but didn't get home 'til 8. And tomorrow, I'll get home from the traffic school around 1:30 or 2 and then run to catch the bus to go to the beach. Maybe...Sunday? Or maybe not. AH!

I've cleaned 2 [vacant] apartments in my complex so far. Which means I've earned $60. I'm going to give $15 or $20 to Cassandra (new neighbor girl who helped me clean those apartments), which means I've got about $40 left. I should be getting $100 or so on top of I'm figuring with $140 plus the $130 I misplaced in my room (and will hopefully find in the days to come), I've got about $270 saved up for Brasil. Dizzam, that was quick. But then I'll probably ask my mom for about $20 or $30 of it for my pocket (day-to-day expenses and such), so we're dealing with $240-$250ish. No matter. I have 2 months to go. hehehe!

And enough with future plans proposed ideas and the past events of this I cleaned #7 in my building and then left for the beach. I got there around 2:15 and left around 4:30ish. Went and ate lunch/dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger and Amanda left work early, so she offered to give me a ride home. We stopped in Vogue Italia (just opened at Beachplace...YAY!!) and Express. I played fashion consultant in Express and she got some new clothes cos they're still having their Winter Clearance sale...heh. I got home around 8ish and fell asleep watching the clock...waiting for 9 o'clock to come around so I could call Jerry and see if he wanted to hang out. I woke up at 10:30 and called him--got no answer. I also called Carol, she was on the phone with Felipe and said she'd call me back. So then I called Brandon and we talked for 2 hours. The end.

My brain is no longer functioning the process of events for the last week, so I can't update any further. Later ya'll.


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