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Ok, quick update!

I totally forgot about my appointment tomorrow morning to get my permit. We're leaving the house at 6am. Joy.

My mom did not get a rental car, so Mervin is our transportation tomorrow morning and she's gonna have to find a ride home from work. =\ Ugh, money problems are stupid. Money sucks.

Jerry's picking me up from school tomorrow. :giggles: lol =) We've got somethin' important to do, and I'm not sure if we're gonna hang out more afterwards or not. Guess we'll see. He's starting to get sick from me. =\ Oops... I feel bad! :(

I'm in the process of changing my livejournal around, so gimme a break while it's lookin' kinda fawked up. It should be back in order tomorrow.

Hm, what else? Er...oh hell, I don't know.

l8er ya'll.


PSMy mood is 'hot' because my air conditioner is on the fritz. Again.

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