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This is a final [public] entry. If you actually do read this piece of shit but don't have a livejournal, or haven't added me yet...I suggest you comment on my next entry [or this one] and get to it.

Onto the update:
Jerry picked me up from school today cos we had somethin' important to do, but apparently it's gonna have to wait. Possibly 'til next week. We'll see, I guess. For those of you I've told, don't worry 'bout it.

And as for school: my mom and I left the house today at 6:45ish...I realized I didn't have the certificate stating I'd completed my traffic course, so I couldn't get my restricts today. Mervin had to be to work, so we drove out to Sawgrass, then my mom drove me to school and I walked around the hallways for the remainder of 1st block. I had to go to the office to get my schedule cos Coach Shamish wasn't in the classroom to give me mine and found out that my 2nd block is right next door to Coach Shamish's room. So both 1st and 2nd blocks are downstairs in the main building in the middle hallway. Psychology is upstairs in the first hallway--the one closest to the patio...and 4th is in a portable which is part of the semicircle that surround the bus loop. Comprehensive Law went relatively well, aside from the fact that I didn't know what the hell half of the goddamn court/law/trial terms they were using were. Psychology went by pretty fast--I have C lunch now. And Civics was the only class that seemed long and drawn out. I think I have SSRW in every single class on Tuesdays. Oh Jesus. With my new schedule, I have to go to my locker first thing in the morning and get things for World History and Comprehensive Law. Then I'll go upstairs and get my shit for Psychology. Afterwards, I'll get my things together. Whatever I need for homework in my other classes and whatever I need for Civics will go with me to lunch. Anything I take with me for Civics will be going home with me everyday because I can't run from a portable, back to the main building, and back out to the buses and expect to get there and catch my bus. Oh well. With these new classes, the day seems to go by much quicker. Could be the fact that I have 3rd block straight through and then lunch. Who knows. We'll see if I still feel as if the day is going by quick when I have to sit through one more class tomorrow. I heard Shamish makes you take notes upon notes upon notes. Joy.

So did I mention that AJ and Jerry know each other? If I didn't, I should have. There was drama tonight--none of which I'll be getting into in this entry though.

Also, I felt the need to ask Jerry the question he asked me earlier last week--about the issue of seriousness between us. He said last week that he wasn't particularly looking for an attachment since he's leaving for bootcamp soon and such. So I'm like, hey whatever. Friendship is good enough for me. He's a cool guy and all, so it's not a total loss, ya know? *raises eyebrows* So we talked about it again tonight, he said basically the same thing, and that having been said...I just told him that I want him to lemme know if I'm crossing any lines or anything of that nature, ya know? Eh, as I said before...c'est la vie.

I started reading Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez today. I'm on page 55 right now and have got to keep myself from reading anymore tonight because I have shit to do. Speaking of which...I should probably do another list since I'm thinking about "to-dos":

-Comprehensive Law homework
*Read over 3 cases and write arguments for each side of each case
-Civics homework
*Get syllabus signed
*Write response essay for SSRW--writing prompt #1
*Get 1 1/2" binder for class; 8 tab dividers
-Buy a new agenda book (with these new classes, I'm definitely gonna need it)
-Read over Florida traffic law book to be prepared for Learner's License test
-Clean my room
-Clean up the goddamned house

There's more, but I'm lazy. I have to get to my homework, afterall.

More tomorrow. A brand new look and allll that shit. :D


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