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I was gonna update earlier, when things were still semi-fresh in my head, but then I took a nap and now I'm not recalling things quite as bare with me.

Yesterday, I stayed after school for literary club (not literary magazine--something totally different) and ended up taking BCt to get to the Imperial Point Branch library. While I was there, I talked to Kevin on my cell and he was talking about how he was trying to leave work early and shit and his managers weren't having it, but he was gonna try again. He said something that pissed me off as well, but I won't go into details. Sorry folksies, no quoting. :) Anyway...after I left the plaza where the library is, I took the bus home. Kevin picked me up at the Shell on 14th a lil' after that. We went to Starbucks, Boca Town Center and then drove around a bit more before he took me home. By the way: I was hanging out instead of doing my massive amounts of homework because I didn't have my keys. Yes, I was locked out. Woe is me.

So having left my keys, I got home around 9:30ish and stood outside for roughly 2 hours 'til my mom got home. I got inside and immediately got on the phone with Carol while I ate, since I was starving. I was on the phone with Carol 'til about 12:20 and then got off and started working on my notes. I stayed up until 4 in the morning copying page after page of notes and never did finish up the work. So on top of the couple of assignments I failed to finish from Thursday night's homework...I have things piling up that were assigned tonight as homework that's due Monday as well. Joy to the world.

To elaborate on last night: I was trying to copy the 6 pages of World History notes I'd missed earlier in the week into a spiral and listening to Power 96 waiting for my song to come on (eventually I gave in and requested it) and in between pages, I'd take a break to rest my hand. Needless to say, I wasn't concentrating as much as I should have been on my work. I was also thinking about situations at hand in my life right now. Social ones, I mean. So I was thinking about Jerry and shit like that. So basically...I came to a bit of a realization: he's told me it's not going to get serious, and with his reasoning (he's leaving soon for bootcamp) I can't fault him or be upset with him. It does bother me that a friend of mine is still trying to get me to hook something up, and it made me a lil' jealous when Jerry was telling me about this guy he'd talked to, but I told myself last night that I just had to let that shit go. We can be friends--and we are--and that's that. Whatever happens on the side happens. But I can't sit here and be all head over heals over him, ya know? It's for the best. And atleast this time, I made myself see that. Maybe I should mediate myself about some other guys as well?

Back to the update: I packed everything up and turned everything off around 3:45, brushed my teeth and washed my face and went and laid in bed, staring at the clock, 'til 4ish when I passed out. I dragged ass this morning to get ready and get out of the house and I surprisingly caught the bus. I pushed myself to stay awake in both World History and Comp Law, but since we had a substitute in Psychology, I took a nap. I talked with Casey during lunch about the night before and other things that have been bothering me, and then I went to Civics and fell asleep halfway through the class since all he did was lecture. I got home at 4 (we rode with 5031 again) and passed out on the couch almost immediately. I woke up at 6:30, stayed up 'til 7, and woke up again somewhere between 9:30 and 10.

It started raining today. There's this huge storm system moving in and it's not looking like this weekend is going to be very fun at the beach. I still gotta go catch up with Steven and stuff. I hope my voice is better tomorrow cos I have a lot to tell him.

I've been reading Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez since about Tuesday and I'm almost done with it. I should be finishing it up tonight. I should be starting Whatever Happened to Dulce Veiga? tomorrow.

Going to be, once again, doing something quite shameful this weekend. Anyone who's been told about this definitely knows what I'm talking about...there's no need for me to go into any specifics. Talk about deep, dark secrets though. =\

I'm gonna go make a few calls and get to work on my homework. Later ya'll.


Oh, and PS...I've changed my mind [obviously]. Fuck Friends Only. I'll just do that for selected entries. It's too much work and stuff to have to go and switch alllllllll my old entries to FO entries. Yessum, I'ma lazy bitch. Fuck you.

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