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Oooooh, a survey!

1) First grade teacher's name: Miss Ravas.
2) Last word you said: Jazz.
3) Last song you sang: "All That Jazz" from Chicago
4) Last person you hugged: Mi madre
5) Last thing you laughed at: IMs from random people on my cell
6) Last time you said 'I love you': Earlier tonight to Carol as she was getting offline to go to bed.
7) Last time you cried: Uh? Don't remember.
8) What's in your CD player: Britney Spears' "In The Zone (Import)"
9) What colour socks are you wearing: Uhm, air?
10) What's under your bed: The floor.
12) Current taste: Peanut butter sandwich.
13) Current hair: Fucked up.
14) Current clothes: Black Unicos
16) Current longing: I want sex.
17) Current desktop picture: A niiiiice beach.
18) Current worry: Homework.
19) Current hate: Weather.
20) Story behind your Live Journal: I wanted one, so I got one...but didn't use it for the first few months I had the account cos it was too plain. Besides, I had my xanga.
21) Current favourite article of clothing: Hmm, lemme go look.

Back. My favorite article of clothing tees from the Army-Navy store.
22) Favourite physical feature of the opposite sex: Uhm?
23) Last CD that you bought: I don't recall.
24) Favourite place to be: The beach. ...Or Starbucks. ...Or the library. Wait, no! Barnes & Noble. It has books & Starbucks. :D
25) Least favourite place: Uhm... home. Sometimes.
26) Time you wake up in the morning: Uh? When I have school...5:30. ...Usually a little later. If I don't have to wake up, I normally wake up around 10 or 11.
27) If you could play an instrument, what would it be: Piano.
29) Do you believe in an afterlife: Yes and no?
31) Current favourite word/saying: Indeed. (Right Carol?)
32) Favourite book: Uh, I don't know. Every book?
33) Favourite season: Summer. It's when I'm darkest. And happiest.
34) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Eh...
35) Favourite day: Saturday. Beach during the day, fun at night. Late curfew. The whole day's free for whatever...ah, that's the life. :)
36) Where do you want to go: Far?
37) What is your career going to be like: It is what it is.
38) How many kids do you want: Zip, zilch, nada. I think?
39) What kind of car will you have: Who knows. Prolly a hoopty--as I always say.
40) Type a line you remember from any book: ...
41) A random lyric: "Open your eyes to the skies and the sun; I wonder if this day will be the one? Want you to hear my confession; you're my obsession; Do what you will do but I can't help the way I'm wantin' you..."

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