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Let's see...where shall I start?

Most recently:
I was over at Mandi's and all the neighbors are out tonight just chillin', and Chris, his wife, and his son (and newborn) are over as well...and his son, Christopher, was inside and when Chris walked in Christopher said something that I didn't hear quite well, but I could make out, "that Chinese kid." :shrug: This totally reminds me of the ignorance of elementary kids. Whatev. I'm in high school now and it's the same--only the stubborness of those children I was stuck with in elementary has escalated as they grew older. No matter. I don't give a fuck.

Now I've gotta backtrack to yesterday. Early yesterday. I got up at 8am and went to this traffic school on Sample Rd. to take my 4-hour class that's required for me to get my restricts. It actually wasn't that bad. I got outta there around 1pm and went home and got online while I got my shit together to go to the beach. Jerry was online and we spoke...he said he was going to get his haircut and I said something about wanting to hang out, but wanting to go to the beach...asked him if he'd pick me up from the beach. Don't quite recall the exact conversation; does it matter? I do, however, remember him saying something about getting his haircut and then going home to shower and then coming to pick me up. I said something like, "Why don't you just pick me up right after your haircut?" and he said something like, "So what, are we gonna shower together?" to which I responded "Maybe." cos ya'll know I'm such an angel. O:) So I got my shit together and headed for the beach. Kevin called after I'd been there for a few hours and came and hung out for a few minutes. Then Jerry came and I did the little introduction BS and started getting ready to leave. Kevin offered rides home to both Kory and Alex and as we all entered the parking lot, I kind of just ignored Kevin, Alex, and Kory and walked along with Jerry to his car.

So on the way to his house, I was thinking about whether or not he was actually serious about the shower thing...and I had plenty of time to since he had the music blaring and we weren't really talking that much. When we got there, he started a load of laundry and jumped in the shower. A few minutes later, I hear, "MARK!!" from the bathroom and pop my head in the door.

"Aren't you taking a shower?"

So I go and get undressed and jump in the shower with him. I'll skip the 'juicy' details. They're gonna be posted elsewhere. Ya'll'll just have to ask. Ha. I will say this, though: he is an awesome kisser (among many other things...heh)

So we left his house around 8ish and he took me to Sawgrass cos I was supposed to meet up with Natalie, but she and Keke stood me up. So I was at Sawgrass for 2 1/2 hours with NOTHING to do and ended up joyriding around the parking lot in my mom's car (she said I was allowed though, lol)...we stopped at WalMart on the way home cos she had to get something and I talked to Kevin while I was walking around in there and he said he'd gone to a party earlier in the night and it totally sucked, but he was totally in the mood to hang out last night, and wondered if I was able to do something. So I asked me mom when we stopped for gas, and she was cool with it. So we got home around 11:15 and Kevin showed up less than 10 minutes later.

We didn't really find anything to do, but we did a lot of catching up since we hadn't hung out or even really talked in weeks. I raved on and on about Jerry and just made him deal with listening to the lil' details (poor him) and I did all of this with a voice that just kept cracking and fading in and out (oh, forgot to mention-I'm hella sick). We ended up going to Dunkin' Donuts and he enlightened me on something, but I can't say shit soo...eh. I got home around 2:30, fell asleep around 3:45, and woke up this morning at 7:30 and then woke back up at 8:45.

I got to the beach around 1 or something like that. I called Fernanda, and she and Tecia rollerbladed to the beach. Rose was supposed to come as well, but she never called me. I thought I lost my cell phone (I left it in Kory's pocket though) but I did lose 3 CDs. Chris (Robbie's boifriend) stole them, I'm assuming. Fucker. I do intend to get them back though. As soon as I get my voice back, that is.

Anyway...I'm really drawing a blank as to anything else that's happened over the past 2 days. If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to edit though. :)

Later ya'll.

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Looong ass update; Change in style.

So I'm definitely going to Brasil for Spring Break. And I'm definitely happy about that. :) For anyone that's curious...I'm going to Fortaleza.

In other news: an update on other situations...
I think I passed my English exam. It was 30 questions on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 15 multiple choice questions, 15 essay questions. Which was, as you can imagine, pretty easy. I omitted 4 essay questions cos I simply didn't know the answer and wasn't about to just dream something up, write it down, and look like a fool. So I most likely passed my English exam. My Biology exam wasn't that bad either. I omitted 7 essay questions...but it was a hella long test, so I don't think it'll count against me too awfully much. My Geometry exam, on the other hand, was not as easy. She even put shit on there I don't ever recall her ever having taught us. Like included angles. What the fuck are those? Eh. My exam in Business Systems & Tech was easy...but I didn't study the review of Microsoft Access, so I probably bombed that part of it. So I'm looking at grade card similar to this (hopefully; as these are only my grades in the class...which could drop drastically with some of these exam scores...):

Business Systems & Tech: B
English 2: C+
Geometry Honors: B+
Biology Honors: B

Looks so horrible compared to last term. :sigh: I hope my GPA doesn't drop too much on account of my slacking. If ya'll recall, it was a 2.625 at the end of last year and after much hard work during the first quarter, I managed to bring it up to a 3.175. We'll see, I guess. I can't slack anymore! Scholarships, scholarships, SCHOLARSHIPS!

My new schedule, starting Monday, looks like this:

World History Honors-Block 1
Comprehensive Law-Block 2
Psychology 1-Block 3
Civics-Block 4

I don't know which lunch period I have yet but I better have it with lots of my friends. Otherwise, I will be pissed.

I talked to Brandon tonight. I saw him at Broward Mall at the end of December on New Year's Eve, actually. I've been looking at his number in my phone for quite some time now like, "Brandon? Who the...?" and today it clicked. So I called him and we caught up on stuff. He seems to be doing quite well. Erm...I gotta call him back tomorrow cos my mom started yelling at me for me to get off of the phone. Bitch.

Oh, and about Jerry: he came over Tuesday (I also got my right hand smashed between 2 doors on Tuesday, btw) and we chilled for about 3 or 4 hours. And for all of you that are under the impression that I'm a huge slut (cos so far, that's all I really have been...)...we did nothing but make out. Briefly. Oh, and I gave him a backrub. :) He made it clear later that night when we spoke that he's not looking for anything really serious or anything since he's leaving for bootcamp soon, but since he didn't really rule it out...I've still got my hopes up. Not too high, though. Whatever happens; c'est la vie, eh?

I have my 4 hour traffic law & drug abuse course tomorrow--which I have to have, according to Florida Law, in order to get my "Learner's License". :shrug: So I'm getting up at 8am to sit in another class--on a Saturday--with a bunch of dumbfounded idiots to learn the "laws of the road". Yippee. And FYI: I'm getting my permit on Tuesday morning. Stay off of the road anytime after the afternoon of Tuesday, January 27, 2004. It's for your own good. :-D

I've been debating back and forth whether or not I'm going to cut my hair. I want it to just magically become shoulder length overnight or something. >_< I was gonna get it cut Thursday after school and the barber was closed. Then I was going to go and get it cut today but didn't get home 'til 8. And tomorrow, I'll get home from the traffic school around 1:30 or 2 and then run to catch the bus to go to the beach. Maybe...Sunday? Or maybe not. AH!

I've cleaned 2 [vacant] apartments in my complex so far. Which means I've earned $60. I'm going to give $15 or $20 to Cassandra (new neighbor girl who helped me clean those apartments), which means I've got about $40 left. I should be getting $100 or so on top of that...so I'm figuring with $140 plus the $130 I misplaced in my room (and will hopefully find in the days to come), I've got about $270 saved up for Brasil. Dizzam, that was quick. But then I'll probably ask my mom for about $20 or $30 of it for my pocket (day-to-day expenses and such), so we're dealing with $240-$250ish. No matter. I have 2 months to go. hehehe!

And enough with future plans proposed ideas and the past events of this week...today I cleaned #7 in my building and then left for the beach. I got there around 2:15 and left around 4:30ish. Went and ate lunch/dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger and Amanda left work early, so she offered to give me a ride home. We stopped in Vogue Italia (just opened at Beachplace...YAY!!) and Express. I played fashion consultant in Express and she got some new clothes cos they're still having their Winter Clearance sale...heh. I got home around 8ish and fell asleep watching the clock...waiting for 9 o'clock to come around so I could call Jerry and see if he wanted to hang out. I woke up at 10:30 and called him--got no answer. I also called Carol, she was on the phone with Felipe and said she'd call me back. So then I called Brandon and we talked for 2 hours. The end.

My brain is no longer functioning the process of events for the last week, so I can't update any further. Later ya'll.

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lalala hehehehe!

saturday, i went to the beach...after chris had gone to work, alex and i headed for the terminal because he had to work. so we get there and he'd just missed a bus...he calls in to say he's gonna be late and they tell him they'll just see him tomorrow. carol calls and wants to go to the movies and we try figuring something out and alex ends up going home and i went and got on the 60 and took it to cypress creek rd. y andrews ave. she tells me the movie won't be starting for another 2 hours, so i start walking to a bus stop in hopes of taking the bus to her house and then going with her and kamila to the theater. ha. i walked from andrews to powerline and then 17 more blocks west of powerline. it baaasically sucked. i started walking back around 8:45 and hunter called and was like, "where are you? i'll pick you up." and he picked me up at powerline...which was helpful, but kind of pointless since i was ALMOST back to andrews anyways. we (carol, hunter, kamila, and i) saw along came polly and hunter took me home afterwards.

sunday, i went to the beach. it sucked. ended up going back to steven's around 2ish. we watched tv for a while and then passed out and he woke me up around 5:20 and asked what time i had to catch the bus and at the same time, jerry imed me so i asked him if he wanted to hang out and he came and picked me up. we went to starbuck's, got coffee (tea, in his case) and talked for a while and then he was like, "let's get outta here" and we ended up at the park across from my house--the 5 mile course--and we walked the whole damn thing. my mom called when we were at like, 4 3/4 miles and was like, "WHERE ARE YOU?" (lol) so i said i'd be home around 9:45. we got back to the car, rest our legs for a couple of minutes, and then we went to wendy's (cos that's all he'll eat...lol) and then he took me back home. i consciously avoided giving him a hug/kiss on the cheek as i got out of the car cos i didn't know how that'd fly with him or whatever...

then yesterday, i woke up and cleaned the apartment at the next building. did some stuff there, and finally left for the beach at 3pm! >_< so i got there around 3:45, chris left for work soon after, and alex and i left around 5:30ish. we stopped at beachplace to see chris and then caught the 40. he was late for work. again. and i took the 11 (westbound) to go see jerry. we walked around, stopped in the army navy store and ended up going to wendy's and then walmart lol...and daaamn! that boi has soo many stories!! haha.. so we walked back to his house, he drove off in his car all stealth like and drove me home. this time, i didn't hold back and just gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and he kinda looked at me with a small smile on his face. i looked at him like, "what?" and he didn't really say anything...i was like, "later." and got outta the car, shut the door and started walking up to the building. then i hear snapping. i turn around and boi's got his hand outta his window and he's snapping hella loud. i turn around, set my bag down, and walk up to his car and i'm like, "yes?" and he looks up at me, grins, and then messes around with his radio and goes, "i'm out" and leaves. i thought about it on my way upstairs and it just kinda confused me. but i was still all smiles. :) he later explained that he wanted to kiss me when he'd called me back over, but he got nervous and was buggin' cos he didn't know how i'd react to it or somethin'. aw. =) damnit!!

i gotta get my shit together for school though, so l8er ya'll!!

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yesterday at the end of second block, mrs. saleem said that she was going to give me a chance to explain myself before she had to explain my situation to my mom... which prompted me to get my goddamned act together. so for the past 2 days, i've been reading my book every chance i get and totally focusing on my schoolwork. well, sort of. tonight on my list of things to do (that most likely won't get done):

-geometry homework (32 problems)
-geometry project work
*call contractor
*call and get information on mortgage
-biology project (make powerpoint--presenting tomorrow)
-read the hot zone and do the AR quiz for it tomorrow morning--along with the of mice and men AR quiz
-apply at mcdonald's (ew)
-pick up the yard and take out the trash for the laundry rooms

i've done the yard and i will definitely be applying at mcdonald's tonight...i'm in the process of doing my biology work, i'm half done with the geometry work--atleast for the project, and i'm reading the hot zone every chance i get.

in other news:
erica's got a cell phone now, so we'll prolly be hangin' out a lot more often.

carol called me today to tell me that she and kamila are going to brasil for spring break, kamila's taking crystal, and she wants to take me...so i've gotta come up with roughly $600 by the end of march and hopefully harold will match whatever i raise. saving for this means: cutting down on my shopping (actually, my spending--period.) and sweet talking my parentals.

i think that's about it for now...atleast it is if i plan on getting any of that goddamned powerpoint done tonight!

l8er ya'll!
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the later part of saturday:

alex and chris got their cellys and were texting me and alex sent me a text saying they were at mcdonald's, so i walked over there and sat there with them while they finished up eating and messed around with their cell phones and then we went to the library so we could use the computers. afterwards, we walked to kinko's, and then pride factory. after we left pride factory, we walked to starbucks and alex bought 2 boardgames there. when we left starbucks, it was getting a little too late for alex to just be "hanging out"--he had to get home to get ready for work, but he wanted me to stay over so i could play the games with them, so i said i'd ask my mom and call them and let them know.

on my way home, i called my mom and asked her if i could go and she said as long as the dishes were done. so when i got home, i did the dishes, packed my shit, and went to the bus stop. i ended up getting picked up from the terminal by alex cos the buses had stopped running. so we went to drop sarah off, then we went back to his house so he could get his shit together and then we were gonna walk to shawn's...but chris called and texted and apparently they'd got nicki to drive them over so she gave us a ride. she called one of our cell phones and i answered and she's like, "do you know who this is?" and i responded: "nicki." and her response was, "this is the woman of your dreams...i come complete with strap-ons--" and i just busted up laughing and then she asked to speak with alex. so she talked to him, we packed up his bag, and then went outside and got in the car. we jammed, chilled, and whatev for a while, and chris cooked some sloppy joes (which were so good) and we finally busted out the games--hear me out and cranium hoopla. they were both soo fun!! :) alex and i are gonna go on a boardgame-buying spree now...haha

desiree stopped back over around 1 and lana and her friend (i always forget her name) stopped by soon after. both des and lana joined in with hoopla and we finished up 2 rounds. when we were done with the games, alex and i played britney's dance beat on ps2 and then we all fell asleep around 5am. i woke up at 2:45 in the afternoon as chris was leaving for work and alex, shawn, and i started getting ready around 3:30 to go downtown. we got to the library at 4:30 (thanks to des) and checked on computers (all of which were full) and then went to mcdonald's. we got something to eat, sat down, and weren't talking very much, and then we started joking around and i started taking things personally...but whatev. i calmed down before i started getting too bitchy. i got home around 7 and was lazy the rest of the night and, of course, didn't finish my book...even though i kept telling myself i would. hahaha

l8er ya'll!
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this week:

saw larry on thursday. hmph. still have $200 on the way.

i skipped school on friday--under my mom's consent, however. picked up the yard, went to the beach, then went shopping--i got 2 new lip balms and 2 body sprays from bath and body works, 2 diesel shirts from burdines, a black/grey baseball tee from the gap, GQ mag, and my britney calendar. i think i got more, but i can't really recall.

i was late getting to the library today...an hour late. nicole, alex(andra), allison, and i only fucked around anyway. didn't get much work done. i've got to make calls early next week to find out how much it would cost to build the house, how much the mortgage will cost, and all that other shit. presentation's on wednesday.

alex and chris got their cellys today too...which is gonna make it so much easier to get a hold of the both of them. :) now we just need to get them both CARS! haha

anyway, i'm gonna go...we're prolly gonna go to las olas before chris has to go to work. l8er ya'll!

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procrastination is ruining me!

i haven't been updating, i'm getting behind in school...ALL BECAUSE OF PROCRASTINATING!

alex got stung by a portuguese man o' war on sunday. poor him =\

lotsa other shit has happened since then, but i'm a lazy fuck...so that's gonna have to be about it for this update--other than informing ya'll that i am, indeed, still alive.

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erm, i really need to start updating before the events get wayyy beyond me and i can't recall half of the previous day let alone the full events of the past week.

yesterday, i woke up at like, 10:30 and went to the beach. scanned the crowded beach for steven, found him, and we talked for a while. steven's friend josh showed up and we got him to change into a speedo. called shawn and he said that alex was on his way and chris was at work. about 20 minutes later, alex shows up with spencer. we stay until the sun starts to set and then steven bids us farewell, heads home, and alex, spencer, and i walk to beachplace. we went and badgered chris at work and alex was saying he needed to get going cos he had to work, but spencer and i insisted he should just call in. (he ended up not going in aaanyway) we took the 11 and stopped in audace--where i got a new pair of [red] unicos. erm...then we walked up to broward blvd, where j miles was CLOSED. >_< next stop: starbucks. next: library. next: las olas. next: mcdonald's. next: bct central terminal. we parted ways around 9 something and then john started iming me on my way home. i imed him throughout the night and i was up all night on the phone, online, watching tv, cleaning my room, and shit 'til like, 6:15 this morning when i passed out.

my mom woke me up this morning at 8:50 and said if i wanted a ride to the mall, i had to be ready to leave the house at 10am. so i got ready and she took me to broward mall. i got there around 11, called john, and waited for him 'til 1 when he finally showed up with his friend jashiree (i think that's how it's spelled). i called/imed xtina in between my wanderings and such and her mom was bein' total bitch all day...bleh. john, jashiree, and i walked allllllll over that goddamn mall. i got a jersey knit long sleeved tee from american eagle and my white belt with 2 rows of pyramids from cruisin & co. (alex--i finally went!) and one of the chiks in there was askin' us 8 million + 1 Qs, but she was cute so it was alright. the salespeople there are experts in pressuring. so yeah, anyway. the mall closed at...6? yeah, 6. we were outside waiting for the bus--john and jashiree were trippin' cos they thought they'd missed their bus, and they heard someone call my name and it turned out to be brandon! so we talked for a minute or 2, exchanged numbers (again) and he had to go cos his bus came. john and jashiree's bus came soon after, and i was alone for about an hour and a half waiting for my mom to come pick my dumbass up...so in the meantime, i ran up the minutes on my phone. :D umm, i got home around...well, i don't know what time, but xtina picked me up and we went to walgreen's and got alcohol and now i'm sitting at eric & christina's new house (which is awesome) and listening to....i think DnB? n*e way...i'm gonna go. this damn drink is starting to kick in and i've gotta establish who all i'm gonna call at midnight...well, i've gotta try to remember that 'list'...haha

l8er ya'll
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convo from last (friday) night...i should head a nudist revolution. i can see alex and i and our dumb cherub asses running around with picketing signs...hahaha

Me (11:48:54 PM): Cos that's about it. I'm just sitting here like the lazy bitch I am. Only...half naked and kinda cold.
fiiish (11:49:02 PM): haha
fiiish (11:49:05 PM): then put clothes on
Me (11:49:13 PM): Nevah!
fiiish (11:49:18 PM): HAHA
Me (11:49:23 PM): It sucks cos I shiver a lil' extra when I laugh. haha
Me (11:49:33 PM): I'll be the first nudist revolutionary.
fiiish (11:49:43 PM): haha
Me (11:49:47 PM): Walking around burning clothes.
Me (11:49:56 PM): I can see it now.
fiiish (11:50:06 PM): lol that'd be something to remember
Me (11:51:15 PM): Me and my naked self goin' down in history. Open up the encylcopedia, kiddies, and you'll see me in my younger years. Things don't look nearly as good as that anymore...no, sir.

[x]EDIT @ 4:58am on 12/28/03:
convo from christmas morning between nikki and i:

Me (12:12:11 AM): And now that it's past Midnight, Merry Christmas.
Nikki (12:12:24 AM): haha YOU TOO!
Me (12:15:50 AM): Ah, what a way to spend Christmas. Downloading porn.
Nikki (12:15:58 AM): hahaha
Nikki (12:16:00 AM): rock on
Me (12:16:38 AM): Woo! Merry Christmas to me! :-D
Nikki (12:16:58 AM): hahaha
Nikki (12:17:09 AM): hmm i wonder if youre on santas naughty or nice list?
Me (12:17:44 AM): Ha, fuck that. I'm the TITLE on the naughty list.
Nikki (12:18:20 AM): omg hahaha
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i'm packing my shit tonight. i'm sick of waiting around for friends who apparently don't give a fuck. i was gonna stay 2 days longer just to sit around at harold's and freeze my fuckin' ass off. i'm sending all the songs i've downloaded--and all the porn--to my e-mail address and i'ma dl it when i get back home (cos he doesn't have a cd burner)...i should be home monday night as opposed to tuesday night. now i've gotta:

1) do a couple of loads of laundry
2) e-mail all that shit and delete it
3) do all the updating i need to on my lj
4) research some stuff and have it ready so i've got shit to read on the bus (aside from lord jim--which i have to finish SOON so i can do the novel work for it, which is due the day i get back)
5) pack my bags
6) do the dishes
7) take the trash out
8) vacuum the living room floor and my bedroom floor

aside from me being pissed about my 'friends' making me waste my time, i've been thinking about clothes i wanna buy/make:

-i need to buy some red unicos from the boutique on broward blvd
-stencil "i want more than you've got" on a tee
-get a black tee and stencil a bunch of random words (or some lyrics--what song!?) in copper/orange/or both paints
-get a black tee and stencil marilyn monroe on it in pink paint
-take in the sides on my ARMY tee and make it a muscle tee
-i want bootcut jeans from AE...they were $24.50 on the site
-i gotta make that beater bag for sarah
-i have to buy my army backpack from hot topic asap

gonna go get to work on getting prepared to leave. oh, and i gotta call dad to tell him he's gotta take me to the bus station in the morning.

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